How to Improve the Appearance of Your Home's Exterior


Many homeowners think only of their home's interior when they think of improving its appearance, but your home's exterior appearance and its curb appeal can affect the property's overall value, and it can also affect whether or not you feel comfortable when you're relaxing and lounging outside. Your neighbours might also appreciate it if you were to make some improvements to your home's exterior appearance! You don't need a large home improvement budget to make the home's exterior look its best; note a few simple suggestions any homeowner might consider for improving the appearance of their home's exterior.


New paint can easily improve the appearance of a home's exterior, but you should consider paint colours carefully, for maximum effect. If you prefer a white home, choose a bold colour for trim, rather than also painting the trim white. A strong black or charcoal grey can make trim stand out and add contrast to the white exterior. If your home has a red brick exterior, choose a crisp white for the trim; if the home is brown, avoid shades of brown for the trim, as the home may look muddy and dull, and opt for an eggshell white for added contrast.


If your porch columns and railing are outdated, this can make the entire exterior of the home seem outdated. You might replace dingy metal pieces with wood columns, painted in a crisp colour that adds contrast to the home's exterior, or swap out an overly rustic wood railing with something smaller and more modern. Add brick to the base of the porch columns for added visual interest and for more texture around the wood or metal; this can create a welcoming look outside your home.


Exterior shutters can provide a nice contrast to the home's siding or brick, and they can break up the look of long walls. They can also make undersized windows seem larger and more eye-catching. Remember that shutters don't need to be operational, so you don't need to worry about adding working hinges, or about opening and closing them in a storm; shutters can be bolted right into the home's exterior, just for visual appeal. Choose shutters that would add lots of personality to the home's exterior; a bold blue or red for a white home, or a crisp white for a grey home will make the shutters stand out. Oversized hardware, including brackets and faux hinges, can add a metallic element that also gives the home's exterior some personality, and which can contrast with a brick exterior, making a home seem more modern. Contact a company like Shutterflex to learn more about external shutters.


26 December 2017

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