5 Essential Features When Creating A Hamptons-Style Living Room


If you're considering a fresh, light and modern new look for your living room, then a Hamptons style makeover might be the ideal choice. Hamptons-style is defined by bright and airy colours, plenty of natural light and a relaxed but elegant overall feel. Although the Hamptons look hails from the coastal holiday destination for New York's rich and famous, it's a theme that suits the relaxed Australian lifestyle perfectly. Here are five essential decorating ideas that will help you to transform your living room into a beautiful and calm Hamptons oasis.

1. Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters perfectly encapsulate the essence of Hamptons-style decor. They're contemporary yet classic, and the streamlined frames and louvres are ideal window dressings for the beachside, holiday home feel. Opt for traditional timber plantation shutters that are painted white for the most authentic look.

2. Timber panelling

Another common feature of Hamptons style homes is wood panelling on the walls. If you already have wood panelling, then it's simply a matter of adding a coat of low-gloss white paint to get the look. For regular plaster walls, it's simple to add cheap pine boards to the lower half of your walls. A strip of dado rail along the top of the boards will create a tidy and professional finish.

3. Bleached timber flooring

Bleached timber flooring is another key item you'll need to recreate the Hamptons-style in your living room. If you already have timber flooring, then you can simply sand off the existing surface and add a chalky, whitewash to the raw timber. For other flooring types, you can opt for some modern timber veneer boards in a pale colour which can be laid directly on your old floor.

4. Fresh white sofa

In keeping with the bright and breezy style, your Hamptons-style living room will need a crisp, white sofa. You can opt for a brand new sofa that suits the look or you can re-vamp your existing sofa with a new cover. The cover can be a pre-made version that slips over the entire sofa or you can have one custom made for each cushion and the base. Opt for linen or cotton drill for a durable and attractive finish.

5. Eclectic accessories

Once you have the basic structure of the room, the last step is to add the decorative accessories to finish off the look. Add lamps, throw cushions, framed pictures and vases to create an eclectic yet harmonic style. You can mix vintage and new items in whites, sand and timber, and add some ocean themed colours too, such as greens and blues


28 November 2017

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