Why You Should Upgrade To Intelligent Custom Blinds


Window treatments are mandatory for every home, and as a result, some homeowners tend to take these furnishings for granted. The common perception is to buy some curtains once you move into a new home, and forget about these treatments. But as more and more people have become conscious about their interior décor, homeowners are not looking for treatments that will complement their interior décor choices while also looking trendy.

One popular alternative to curtains is blinds. If you are deliberating on getting custom made binds for your home to suit your individual style, you should elect to invest in intelligent blinds. While this technology may seem new in home automation, it offers numerous advantages, as illustrated below.

Intelligent custom blinds are highly convenient

Having to get up every time you want to change the lighting in your home can be tedious. However, when you have curtains, this is the reality. So if the sun is scorching and causing glare on your television, you have always to get up and adjust the treatment to find the right positioning, or you have to close them altogether. With intelligent custom blinds, on the other hand, you have full control of your window furnishings from your wireless-enabled device.

So whether you want to let in more light, let in less light, or shut the blinds altogether, you can do this comfortably from wherever you are in your home. Not to mention that this also gives you full control over the ambiance in your home, too!

Intelligent custom blinds save on energy

If you are conscious of all the energy wasted in your home, primarily by your air conditioning system, then intelligent custom blinds should be one of your priorities. Considering how much of a hassle it can be to get up each time you want to adjust your curtains, it is not surprising that some homeowners will forgo this all together. As a result, during the summer, your house experience substantially more thermal gain, which in turn makes your air conditioning system overwork. When you have intelligent custom blinds, you get to decrease the amount of thermal gain being experienced by your house by adjusting the blinds on your phone.

Furthermore, you can opt for ultraviolet resistant custom blinds, which help in minimising the degree of radiant heat penetrating your home. Not only do these blinds assist in keeping your energy costs low, but they also mean your air conditioning system will have a longer lifespan.


31 December 2018

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