Pros of Installing Outdoor Sunscreen Blinds


Most Australians will slather on some sun protection when going outdoors, notably during the summer when the sun's rays are particularly sweltering. However, do you know that you could be at risk of harmful ultraviolet rays even when you are comfortably seated inside your home?

If you have large windows to maximise on natural light, you inadvertently put yourself at the same risk of sun exposure just as though you were outdoors. Thus, it is crucial for homeowners to seek solutions that would provide them with sun protection even while they are indoors. An excellent addition to your home would be outdoor sunscreen blinds. These blinds are installed on the exterior of your windows and can even be used for your outdoor entertainment spaces.

Read on how sunscreen blinds would be of great benefit to you and your household.

Outdoor sunscreen blinds decrease glare and radiant heat

Although having as much natural light as possible in your home will ensure you are not excessively dependent on artificial lighting solutions, you should note that this could also increase the amount of radiant heat and glare in your home. Thus, while you think you are saving on your light bill, you consequently end up increasing your cooling costs to keep the interior of your home comfortable.

To counter this, you should install sunscreen blinds. Clear café blinds with an ultraviolet coating would allow you to make the most of natural light in your home, while still deflecting heat from the outdoors. Moreover, by minimising glare in your home, you get the chance to comfortably watch television or work on your computer, without having to resort to keeping your curtains drawn.

Outdoor sunscreen blinds preserve your furnishings

Sun exposure is not exclusively harmful to your skin. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can also have a drastic effect on your furnishings, leading to premature fading of the fibres in your carpeting, area rugs and upholstery.

In addition to this, any supple materials in your home, for example, leather furniture, would eventually harden and crack from the excessive sunlight. Hardwood flooring would also have a proclivity of becoming brittle and cupping from the sunrays.

All this sun damage would translate into exorbitant maintenance costs for your home ranging from reupholstering your furniture to flooring replacement. To save on these costs, you would be best advised to install outdoor sunscreen blinds to preserve the longevity of your furnishings.


28 November 2017

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