3 Ideas To Help Create A Minimalist Style Bedroom


Minimalist design has become an incredibly popular choice for many people in Australia. The core tenets of minimalism as a social and cultural movement have helped to define the basic principles of minimalist interior design. This pared-back, streamlined and clutter-free look is great for the entire home, but it's particularly effective when used in the bedroom.

If you're redecorating your bedroom and aiming to create a serene and stress-free oasis, then minimalist design might be the perfect look. Here are three easy and effective ideas that will help you to achieve the look in your bedroom.

1. Use blinds for window dressings

Blinds make the ideal window dressing for a minimalist style bedroom. They provide a sleek and unobtrusive way to control the light levels and privacy in your bedroom without adding any fussy fabrics or excess flourishes that will detract from the simplicity of the room's design.

Blinds are also great for a minimalist style bedroom because they help to create an uncomplicated lifestyle. They're fast and easy to open and close and they require very little upkeep or cleaning, unlike curtains.

2. Stick to a monochromatic palette

Another key to creating a successful minimalist style bedroom is sticking to a muted, monochromatic palette. Monochrome palettes use one base hue and then add slightly lighter or darker variations of that hue for every feature of the room. This helps to keep the room feeling calm, harmonious and simplified.

Most interior designers will stick fairly strictly to soft, natural shades for their monochromatic palette when styling a minimalist room. Whites, creams, soft greys and pale tan are all common shades that work well for this style. If you'd prefer a little more colour, feel free to experiment with pale yellows, dusty blues and pastel greens but keep the tones soft rather than bold.

3. Choose functional decorative items

Another key principle of minimalism is keeping clutter at bay and only including what you really need in your home. This means making sure that everything you add to the space has a function and isn't simply there to fill up space. Items such as vases, lamps, jewellery boxes and clocks are good examples of this.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the items you choose have to also be utilitarian in looks. Beautifully-crafted and ornate items are fine as long as they fit into the functional criteria as well as looking beautiful.


29 November 2017

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