Custom Wardrobe Ideas for the Home


With proper space management in the home becoming an increasingly challenging task, custom wardrobes can provide a reliable and useful space for storing your clothes, shoes and other personal items. A well-customized wardrobe can be as useful as a piece of furniture within the home. It can also add a sense of style and fit into the overall theme of your room.

There are many different designs you can incorporate into a customized wardrobe. Here are some of the hottest trends in the market.

Standard Opening Wardrobes

Standard opening wardrobes are the ones that are already built into the room and only require to be equipped with appropriate shelving. These are among the easiest wardrobes to customize. You can begin with installing shelving designs that fit your items and infuse some creativity into the overall outlook of the space. Many custom wardrobe builders can install shelving that is customized for various types of clothing such as shoes, jackets and trousers.

You can also customize the doors that lead into the wardrobe. An excellent touch is to install glass panels that slide in and out. Glass panels give the feeling of all your items being easily within reach. They also enable you to admire your collection whenever you walk in and out of the room.

Straight Wall Wardrobes

Another creative idea for installing custom wardrobes is by building the structure into an existing flat wall within the home. You would need to add panels to each side of the wall, and shelving to the interior of the closet itself. This design idea is perfect for hallway closets and hotel-like closets.

The hallway closet design is a great way to turn your underutilized hallway space into an icon of fashion and style. You can experiment with a variety of shelving and finishes to ensure the built-in wardrobe is a great fit for the hallway.

In the hotel-like design, raised wardrobe doors can be installed in your room to mirror a classic hotel feel.  The lower areas of the closet can be used for shoes and other items, while coats and shirts can be hung on the upper shelving.

Corner Opening Wardrobes

Another great idea for installing custom wardrobes is at the intersection of two walls. All you would need to do is add a left or right panel, shelving and doors. This design makes for a great walk-in closet with sliding doors.  Homeowners who desire larger closets are better off taking advantage of corner wardrobes. Add a touch of sliding glass doors with proper lighting to breathe life into the space. Hardwood frames also provide a nice finishing touch.


11 December 2017

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