Bathroom Vanities – The Options to Consider for a Small Bathroom


Having a small bathroom poses a host of challenges such as designing the layout, incorporating storage solutions as well decorating the room. These obstacles can seem so herculean to overcome that some homeowners just choose not to try to improve the appearance of the space. However, this would mean having to settle for a less than appealing bathroom that would not offer you a relaxing haven. Fortunately, you could make some minor changes to the room that would boost the overall appeal. One such change would be a vanity. Not only can the right vanity add visual interest to your small bathroom but it can also afford you storage too! Here are the bathroom vanity options that you could consider.

Cabinet bathroom vanity

As implied by its name, the design of a cabinet bathroom vanity focuses on storage solutions for the homeowner. These types of vanities are characterised by having drawers built into the furniture, hidden compartments that will not take up too much space and full cabinets. When opting for a cabinet bathroom vanity, it is recommended to have your furniture custom made. A custom-made vanity would make it easier for you to get something that will easily blend into your specific bathroom dimensions. Moreover, a custom made cabinet would also be able to meet your individual storage needs for your toiletries, bathroom products and more.

Wall-mounted bathroom vanity

If you would like to vanity that will not take up any floor space, a wall-mounted option would be the best selection for your needs. Wall-mounted vanities are especially ideal for a small bathroom as they can be installed anywhere that you have vertical space. This installation can be over your toilet cistern, over your sink or wherever else you can think of. Thus, you get the chance to make the most of your floor space with storage baskets, cabinetry and more.

Pedestal bathroom vanity

This piece of furniture is also known as a console vanity. It has a distinctive design that comprises a freestanding sink that has some shelf space incorporated into it. The freestanding nature gives you a bit of room to be creative with the design. For example, you could choose to have a towel rod incorporated underneath the vanity to make use of the negative space between the base of the vanity and the central shelf. One thing to note with pedestal bathroom vanities is they are not designed for extensive storage. Therefore, they would not be ideal for individuals that are looking to increase the amount of storage in their bathroom. 


13 December 2017

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